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July 2011

Product Price
Shower-Dri $10.95
AquaShield $26.50
Sealtight $24.99
XeroSox $39.95
Duro-Med $31.80
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Buy Any 2 and Get 1 Free!!!
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For a limited time buy any two (2) Shower-Dri cast and bandage protectors and have a third one of your choice included free. Order Here!

Lymphedema sufferers, accident and surgical patients can now enjoy a refreshing shower while wearing a compression bandage, medicated bandage, cast or prosthesis.

Shower-Dri allows you to shower while keeping your compression bandage and medications, orthopaedic cast, and bandage surgeries comfortable and dry.

Shower-Dri is durable, very light-weight, easy to use, and re-usable.

Wound Protection While You Take A Refreshing Shower!

Contents: 1 protector per box

Lymphedema sufferers, surgical and orthopaedic patients, have you stopped taking showers because you're wearing a cast or bandage and you're afraid of getting them wet? Now you can take an enjoyable and refreshing shower without fear, by wearing the Shower-Dri.

Do you use medications such as salves, ointments or lotions, or do you have an open wound on your leg, knee, ankle or foot? Are you wearing a cast, bandage or prostheses? Keep it dry while you enjoy a nice, warm shower.

Are you worried about basic first aid for your leg wound care? Keep water out of your wound and off your cast or bandage with the quick and easy to use Shower-Dri. It's even reusable!

Many times you're restricted from taking a shower because you're wearing a cast or bandage, or you have a wound that you don't want to get water into. Now you can enjoy that refreshing shower again by simply wearing the Shower-Dri.

If you have a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) the area around the PICC insertion is prone to becoming infected with bacteria. Simply by using Shower-Dri as a PICC line cover while showering will help keep the PICC line area dry and free of bacteria.

And with the exclusive, patented connector you can put it on and take it off either arm or leg using only one hand. Continue to shower in private because you don't need help. You can put it on and take it off all by yourself.

The Shower-Dri is the most economical cast and bandage protector on the market today. (See the price comparison chart to the left.)

Try using a plastic garbage bag and duct tape a few times and you'll agree that it isn't fun. The duct tape sticks where it shouldn't stick. Sometimes the tape is too tight and sometimes it is too loose. The garbage bag is much bigger than you need. It's hard for you to dry it off when you're leaving the shower. And you either have to cut it or tear it to get it off. You are already struggling enough because of your injury so why struggle more just to take a simple shower?

The Shower-Dri; it's quick, it's easy, it's safe, it's affordable, and it's reusable!

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